Andrew Cramb (Version III) on Artist Management

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Andrew Cramb (Version III) on Artist Management

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Here at Get Sad Y'all, we thought it would be a great idea to interview numerous people in various aspects of the music industry to serve as guides for those that might want to pursue a career. Those interviews can be found here.

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Below, we chatted with Andrew Cramb (Version III) about artist management.

Who are you and what do you do?
AC: I'm Andrew Cramb. I do a whole lot of things in music including artist management, a podcast ("Where Are All My Friends"), and run a label and artist services company called Version III.
How long have you been managing?
AC: Since 2015, so what's that? 4 years?! Damn.
Who are some of your clients?
AC: I've worked with quite a few great clients including LIMBS, familypet, shinigami, 7 Minutes In Heaven, and more. I'm particularly excited right now about Capstan as they've recently signed to Fearless Records and have their first ever full-length album coming up!
What's your day-to-day look like?
AC: Lots and lots of calls and emails! Management has a lot of freedom in the structure of your day; however, in a funny way, you're always working because you need to be there for your artists whenever they need you.

A normal day would be waking up, getting through all of the emails and requests that come in, then middle of the day some kind of planning or work on the future goals of the artist, then later in the day working more on executing that plan and getting everything aligned. Then sprinkle in putting out random fires through out all that, haha.
How did you get on the path to becoming a manager? What made you want to become one?
AC: I originally started as a tour manager for Set It Off back in 2008. Around 2014, I had a feeling of wanting to get off the road for a little while. Their record label at the time really liked me and offered me a job. I told them I ultimately wanted to manage and they helped me connect with a manager in a management company they were a partner in. I worked under him for a few years, then went off and did my own thing.
What is something you've learned about managing over time that you wish you had known from the start?
AC: There are no official rules. The music industry is always changing and evolving, but to keep an open mind and read your current artist or market, then align for what you're trying to accomplish from there. There are a lot of different ways to get the end result and you're as successful as you are creative and tactful. Don't get discouraged if your way is different from others, just treat EVERYONE well through that journey.
Where should someone looking to become a manager start their career path?
AC: Be willing to do anything. Know your end game and where you want to end up, but be willing to do any job. It's crazy how hard work and care in any position will get noticed and open up new doors. So basically any position you can find in music - take it and kill it, then challenge yourself to keep climbing when you feel you've mastered it. 
What are three key things that someone looking to become a manager should know?
AC: I'm going to give you 5 that are directly stolen from Pat The Manager because they're just too damn good!

  1. Reputation Is Everything
  2. Learn From Failure
  3. Become Indispensable
  4. Learn All You Can
  5. Take The Lead
Anything else to add?
AC: I don't meant to have this sound sad or discouraging, but it's a very behind the scenes, thankless job at times. You really have to have thick skin and deeply care about your artist and the future goals. Without that grit, it will become extremely hard at times. So keep that original goal and drive super close to your heart when things get tough. You'll need it!


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