Artist Spotlight: KEYSE

Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: KEYSE

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Welcome to the Get Sad Y'all Artist Spotlight!

We'll be doing these every week, typically on Fridays, to showcase artists from around NC and beyond. If you'd like to have your band featured in an upcoming spotlight, shoot us an email.

This week, we chatted with Fayettevile, NC dark pop artist KEYSE.


Who are you?
MKO: My name is Madeline Keyes Osbourn & I’m the creator of KEYSE
Where did your band name come from?
MKO: My middle name is Keyes, but I decided to go with the original Anglo-Saxon spelling of my mother’s maiden name.
Who do you think your band sounds like?
MKO: The sound is a mix of Meg Myers, Halsey, and The Neighbourhood. I consider it dark/moody pop.
What are the plans for the band over the next year?
MKO: A small upstate run is currently being planned as well as the release of a few more singles/videos. 
Pick one song in your catalog that everyone should check out.
MKO: My most recent single, “Wolf’s Teeth.”
Anything else to add?  
MKO: Keep an eye out for my new single, “Keep You,” coming out very soon.


Follow KEYSE on her socials and check out her music below!

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