Artist Spotlight: Never Home

Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Never Home

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Welcome to the Get Sad Y'all Artist Spotlight!

We'll be doing these every week, typically on Fridays, to showcase artists from around NC and beyond. If you'd like to have your band featured in an upcoming spotlight, shoot us an email.

This week, we chatted with Charlotte, NC rockers Never Home.


Who are you?
We are Never Home, a rock band from Charlotte, NC. Our members are Nick Klock (vocals), Devon Stone (guitar), Adam Jones (guitar), and Rob Hendley (drums). 
Where did your band name come from?
Our band name came from someone on Reddit! I had just finished demoing our first EP and was drawing a blank on what to call this project. I turned to the internet for some suggestions and this one really resonated with me. It fits our sound and sort of encapsulates the themes of that first EP. It's also a New Found Glory lyric (from "Dressed To Kill"). I should send that Redditor a t-shirt.
Who do you think your band sounds like?
Currently, Anberlin, Jimmy Eat World, and The Dangerous Summer are huge influences. Our first EP was inspired by bands like Neck Deep, The Story So Far, and blink-182. We really admire how bands like Anberlin and The Wonder Years have progressed their sound over time and we are aiming to do something like that.
What are the plans for the band over the next year?
Most of our musical energy will be focused on making new music. As much as we love playing shows, we are ready to get some new material in your ears. 
Pick one song in your catalog that everyone should check out.
Our new single which just released today, "Landslide!" We are incredibly proud of this song and we think it shows a new maturity and complexity in our songwriting. It is representative of the direction we are headed as a band, and we hope you are headed there with us.
Anything else to add?  
Please check out our new single "Landslide", which is out TODAY on all streaming services. Catch us on September 20th with Broadside and Telltale at Skylark Social Club in Charlotte, NC. 


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