Artist Spotlight: propersleep

Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: propersleep

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Welcome to the Get Sad Y'all Artist Spotlight!

We'll be doing these every week, typically on Fridays, to showcase artists from around NC and beyond. If you'd like to have your band featured in an upcoming spotlight, shoot us an email.

This week, we chatted with Raleigh, NC emo outfit propersleep.


Who are you?
We are Benjamin, Scott, and Keith, and we are a three piece rock band from Raleigh, NC called propersleep.
Where did your band name come from?
The band name came from years of working (still working) shitty day jobs and a lack of sleep.
Who do you think your band sounds like?
I couldn't say we sound like one particular band, which used to haunt my insecurities, but we are told we have a blend of Brand New, Joyce Manor, some Balance and Composure, and Acceptance. Those are the bands that seem to come up a lot, but please check out these songs for yourself and let us know at a show or something, always love hearing the listeners thoughts and vibes.
What are the plans for the band over the next year?
We are finishing out 2019 with some really rad shows/live sessions that we are incredibly stoked about and continuing to play/promote the latest "self titled" EP. We will also be hopping back into the studio to record a new batch of songs that we plan to release early 2020, a year with the goal to play more shows on the road and really begin to pursue this next chapter as a band.
Pick one song in your catalog that everyone should check out.
My favorite right now is "Secrets," but I would also give "Tidal Wave" and "Hazy" a spin too!
Anything else to add?  
Always so much love to anyone who has given this band a chance. Truly grateful for any open ears we've had and the community and friends we've made over the last four years. Thank you Chris and Emo Raleigh for thinking of us to be a feature for your "Artist Spotlight," think this was the first time I've used my kitchen table for something other than a place to put my laundry. 


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Photo by Kevin La Chiana

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