Weekly Musings (July 29, 2019)

Weekly Musings

Weekly Musings (July 29, 2019)

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Hey, friends!

Welcome to Weekly Musings, a place for me (Chris, Get Sad Y'all founder) to dump my thoughts and recommendations for the week. The structure of these may change, but for now, you can count on...

  • News on the Get Sad Y'all brand
  • Thoughts on music & non-music items
  • A product recommendation
  • An album recommendation
  • A playlist of 15 songs to check out

Let's hop to it.

State of Get Sad Y'all 

  • We announced the new Get Sad Y'all last Friday and the response has been good so far. As you'll see in the FB event, we're shifting towards focusing on showcasing our local scene, both in live/acoustic sets and DJing, and donating a significant portion of sales to charity. Our hope is to make a difference through these events both locally and nationally. Snag tickets here.
  • Been working with our publicist to bring these charity Get Sad Y'all events and Get Sad, Sing Bad: Emo Karaoke to Charlotte every month, so look out for that soon if it all pans out.
  • Good news? We already have some sponsors on board for our birthday show. Bad news? Still locking in a date.
  • Catch The Bronze Age at the Pour House on Thursday (8/1) for a Local Band Local Beer with Wrigleyville and Atomic Buzz. Pick up your tickets here.

Upcoming Events

Just Announced

Random Music Thoughts

  • Heading up to Montreal on Wednesday for Osheaga. Always try to do at least one festival per year and my first one comes late in 2019. Stoked to get up there and down as much poutine as I can possibly eat. Side note: my playlists/recommendations will be very focused on artists playlists for this update and next.
  • I have to give mad props to Michael Lang, co-creator of the original Woodstock and the attempt at a 50th anniversary fest, for REFUSING to give up on this anniversary show. Multiple permits denied, numerous investors backed out, handful of artists saying "hell no" and yet here he is, still trying to put this thing on... in Maryland... for free... three weeks out. Keep on keeping on, bud.
  • Chance the Rapper dropped a new record on Friday entitled The Big Day. Haven't had a chance to dive in yet, but follow up next week and I'm sure I'll have some thoughts.
  • Sugar Ray put out a new record this week. Did anyone else know they were still a band? Is it named after Lil Yachty?
  • Blink-182 announced their latest studio album, Nine, a few days ago and I'm going to be perfectly honest... I couldn't care less. The new tracks have been meh, this tour with Lil Wayne has been super meh, and I just think their best days - please figure this shit out with Tom - are behind them.

Random Non-Music Thoughts

  • Fans of the Musings will know that I was behind on Stanger Things. Not anymore. What a season, what a series, please never stop making this show.
  • How anyone can enjoy waffles over pancakes is beyond me. Do you enjoy getting entire bites of syrup or butter while others are just dough?
  • The protests in Poland surrounding the rights of LGBTQ+ citizens are incredibly disheartening. No one should ever have to give their life while fighting for their basic human rights.

Product Recommendation: Furminator

For those that don't know, I have two pups - a Shih-Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix named Teddy and a German Shepherd named Tonks (yes, they're named after Harry Potter characters). Teddy doesn't shed as he's a hypo-allergenic beauty, but Tonks... so much gd hair.

In comes my product recommendation for the week: the Furminator.

I don't know how my wife and I would function without this little tool. It grabs all of Tonks' undercoat in just a few passes and keeps our house (somewhat) tidy. Blows my mind every time. I cannot recommend this thing enough if you have a dog with long hair and/or that sheds an obscene amount.

Pick one up here.

Album/EP Recommendation: "Currents" - Tame Impala

In honor of Osheaga this weekend, I'm recommending a record that's a few years old, but has stood the test of time: Tame Impala's Currents.

This record truly has something for everyone. If you're into mainstream rock or pop music, "The Less I Know the Better" has you covered. Psych music? The breakdown portions of "Let It Happen" will leave you in a trance. Experimental jibberish? "Past Life" will scratch your itch. It's incredible.

Kevin Parker, the Australian mastermind behind Tame Impala, has taken psych-inspired rock to new heights, culminating in a headlining spot at Coachella earlier this year. He's a breath of fresh air in a music scene that is all too stagnant and Currents is a very accessible album for those looking for something new.

Check it out below and look out Tame Impala's newest effort (hopefully) later this year.

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Weekly Playlist

These are songs - new and old - that I've either (a) been heavily spinning, (b) got stuck in my head randomly, or (c) hold a special meaning over the past week.

1. Let It Happen - Tame Impala

2. Feeling Lonely - Boy Pablo

3. Talk - Two Door Cinema Club

4. Empty Below - Heirloom

5. Atlantic (Acoustic) - Grayscale

6. Nobody's Home - Mallrat / Basenji

7. Hotel Delmano - MUNYA

8. Don't Let Them - Young Bombs

9. Heaven - Avicii / Chris Martin

10. Heartbreak Back - Frank Walker / Riley Biederer

11. Show & Tell - Said the Sky / Claire Ridgely

12. Never Be Like You - Flume / Kai

13. Tearing Me Up - Bob Moses

14. Look Back At It - A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

15. Tribe - Bas / J. Cole

This playlist can be found on Spotify.


Would love to hear your thoughts on my thoughts as well as anything I've missed that I should check out! Drop a comment below. Previous week's musings can be found here.

Thanks for reading and have a great week, everyone!

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