Mike Fishkin (idobi) on Hosting a Radio Show

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Mike Fishkin (idobi) on Hosting a Radio Show

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Below, we chatted with Mike Fishkin (idobi Radio) about hosting a radio show.

Who are you and what do you do?
MF: Yo! My name is Fish and I host Gone Fishkin on idobi Radio
How long have you been hosting a radio show?
MF: I've been hosting Gone Fishkin going on 6 years now, had a show at my college for about 2 years before that too... That show kinda sucked though, so let's not talk too much about it.
Who have been some of your biggest guests?
MF: All my guests are equally as dope... except for the ones who are doper than the others like my Mom and little sisters when they co-hosted.
What's your day-to-day look like?
MF: Usually I wake up and go for a run at the gym. Listen to a couple albums while I run, usually a new one and an old one to get me going. Drink way too much coffee, go to the idobi studio and answer emails about guests to come in-studio to play acoustic and guests to call into my show. I also do backend work on the idobi server to make sure the listeners are having the best experience listening to the station. Around 1230/1, I get hungry AF and try to head to my favorite restaurant, Salsa & Beer, then head back to work and see what else needs to be taken care of. At night, it's 1 of 3 things that happens: I watch Fuck That's Delicious or Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives till I fall asleep, I go to a show, or I'm DJing at a bar somewhere!
How did you get on the path to becoming a radio show host? What made you want to become one?
MF: I listened to idobi one day cause my favorite band, Envy On The Coast, was on this show called The Gunz Show. Gunz and I hit it off over AIM, started helping him out then when being in a band didn't work out and I started doing a radio show at my college just to pass my class. Got experience on air, filled in for Gunz a couple times, and then idobi was nice enough to offer me a show! I wanted to be involved in music in some sort of capacity and tried the band thing, the crew thing, and radio just seemed to work best for me. 
What is something you've learned about hosting a radio show over time that you wish you had known from the start?
MF: I wish I knew I didn't have to be so vanilla when I started. I definitely played it safe, but I was also hella young. I'm glad I experienced everything the way I did and it made for a great way to learn. 
Where should someone looking to become a radio show host start their career path?
MF: Take a public speaking class. I was scared shitless to talk in front of people or have people looking at me in public even when I started my show. It's cool you don't see all the people listening when you're on air but pretend you do cause it adds life to your voice. Also go listen to your favorite band a lot, then listen to the bands that inspired them and toured with them and just know all about music (providing that's the kind of show you want... if not, apply to subject you want to focus on). Be sure to go out and meet people. Show people you can hang and make everything happen naturally. Don't beg for interviews, good ones will come in good time. Don't stress if you mess up... if you have a "perfect show," just remember next week's show won't improve if you're "perfect" already. 
What are three key things that someone looking to become a radio show host should know?
MF: Know people are actually listening and will remember what you say more than you will. Be edgy, but be smart. Also be sure to have fun... why do it if it's not fun.
Anything else to add?
MF: Get comfortable on camera too, it'll lead to more opportunities. Also have a side hustle while doing your show. Entertainment usually sucks on getting paid 9/10, so always work while you're not on air. Even if you pick up one-off odd jobs, just keep working and never get lazy. Do your research and whatever you do, be sure to be passionate about it.


Be sure to listen to Gone Fishkin every Thursday at 9 pm eastern on idobi!

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